Melissa Oholendt  for The Everygirl

Melissa Oholendt for The Everygirl

Hello there, I'm Jackie. 

I currently live in Minneapolis where you'll often find me taking long walks by the river, frequenting local coffee joints, and exploring nearby parks equipped with the outdoor prowess of a lamp. Favorite pastimes include running around the city, listening to podcasts, drinking a good glass of wine (I will also take a mediocre one), and watching Nora Ephron films on loop.

This piece of the internet is where I share my work and musings on life. Click on over to the "words and such" page to find said musings, a few photos, and a healthy amount of feelings. My mom likes to read these things and you just might, too.

Looking for a writer? I'm totally into that. Wanna connect over coffee or tea? Let's do it. Shoot me an email at