In honor of National Best Friend Day (which was two days ago, but we're both generally running a bit behind so it's fitting), a few fav things about my BFF. Let's call her Erica. *

She listens

She gives a shit

Four hour phone calls about nothing in particular

Quoting You've Got Mail

Quoting Sleepless in Seattle

She laughs at my stupid jokes

She laughs at my spot-on jokes, of which there are many

Her stories

She knew me at 13 and doesn't hate me for it

Mariah carey singalongs 

Her creative lens


When the epilator attempt did not go well, but her story was hilarious

She pushes me to be better

When she gets a win

When she wrote a hypothetical wedding speech about myself and a crush, and then read it aloud in one of our classes. I imagine she'll now be well prepared for my non-hypothetical wedding.......................... someday? Maybe? Bueller?

Unconditional cheerleading

Unconditional Instagram likes

Sumo suits

* Erica is her name. Funny joke, no?