Melissa Oholendt for The Everygirl

Melissa Oholendt for The Everygirl

Hello there, I'm Jackie. Some folks call me JJ, Jack, Jacks, JSaff, Jackie Jo, and Khaki Ko. Nicknames are fun. 

I currently live in Minneapolis where you'll often find me taking long walks by the river, frequenting local coffee joints, and exploring nearby parks equipped with the outdoor prowess of a lamp.

I spent a few years writing, coordinating features, and doing graphic design for the awesome website The Everygirl. Feel free to check out some of my work here.

Favorite pastimes include running around the city, listening to podcasts, drinking a good glass of wine (I will also take a mediocre one), and watching Nora Ephron films on loop.

Looking for a writer? I'm totally into that. Shoot me an email at